Aurélien's music online - ORPHANED SONGS - 2016
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A Propos

Orphaned Songs, ce sont 2 chansons écrites à la sortie de l'hiver 2016. Cette période correspond à la découverte de ma ville actuelle, Arras, pendant le printemps.
Ces 2 titres en anglais laissent échapper une atmosphère mélancolique, planante, douce, avec quelque chose qui rappelle la nostalgie du bon vieux temps.
Faisant suite au projet Utopia et avant que ne commence l'écriture de nouveaux morceaux en 2017 qui retrouveront un style plus rythmé, dense, avec des sons électroniques, ces 2 titres sont un peu une parenthèse, d'où le nom "Orphaned Songs".

Tracklist & credits

1 - Living Inspired
2 - Confidence


Living Inspired

Oh dear sun, I was feeling your warmth
As if time had stopped
Just right under my feet
At each step I walk

Seconds trapped into infinity
No need to believe in anything
Having your mind drawned to the sky
Feeling that stones and trees are part of you

When something greater inspires me
Living it everyday
There is something greater inspiring me
I'm living it everyday

Oh dear sun, when time has stopped
At the park where I often ride
The daemons of my own mind
Now I know they're only figments of my imagination

I often feel eternity
Not able to keep it
By my side
By my side


I always feared
That everything around us
And everything around me
Belongs to no one
As if time had stolen our universe
As if someone picked up our flowers

Where are you now
You used to be
So happy before
Don't forget that falling leaves
Will grow again in spring

Don't forget that somewhere here around
Someone believes in you
It's no time to close your eyes
There is no need
To think the grass is greener
On the other side
It's no time to close your eyes

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