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The idea of the live sessions came from the long-standing desire to make live broadcasts, like on radio, over the Internet.
The goal is to play on Friday evening : revisited songs of Rune or After R. Projects; covers, or, as on this album, explorations of soundscape which invite you to travel.
These sessions are prepared during the week of the event. Generally, everything falls into place on Thursday and Friday.
The challenge is to use the equipment correctly : I have a mic for the percussions and the guitar, another one for the vocals. I also have the keyboard and the portable synth. A lot of instruments to manager and all is linked to the loop-pedal which I have to manager while playing too.
I better have a precise idea of the steps to follow !

Tracklist & credits

1 - Dancing Arabesques - 11 min. 40 - 17 April 2015
2 - A Vintage Session - 9 min. 33 - 1st May 2015
3 - Celestial Session - 10 min. 00 - 20 March 2015


Dancing Arabesques

Vision fantasmée d'un univers apaisé
Un soir d'été, accoudé à la fenêtre
Un vent frais soulageant la pierre brûlante
Le sable chaud sous les pieds, la vue des palmiers
Un monde de paix, je vois les gens danser
Au rythme des percussions, mon âme chante
Ecoutez ces mélodies, laissez-vous voyager

Fantasized vision of an appeased universe
A summer evening, leaning on the window
A cool wind relieving the hot stones
The warm sand under my feet, the view of the palm trees
A world of peace, I see people dancing
To the beat of the drums, my soul is singing
Listen to the melodies, let yourself dream

A Vintage Session

I was waiting for the sun
To shine down and to pass through my window
I wanted to feel the heat inside of the room
And forget the past days flood
Don't we have the right, to be happy
And to find a way out
When mother nature just stole our roof

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