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19th track is out - new version !

New version of my track Élégance.
- I added a sample of a choir recorded in Arras during the Great Vigil ceremonies (10 nov 2018, commemorating the Great War armistice)
- I added some vocals, more like an instrumental part than a traditional verse-chorus structure

This track features sweet and soothing melodies with a springtime, poetic and romantic atmosphere. I love working on this kind of sound at this time of year.
Enjoy !
credit picture : Floor to Ceiling Window [邦乔彦]


New project on which I started working this summer 2018.
☞ working title : Inner Quests.

☑ Since this summer, I worked on a new project, a follow-up to "Dans les Vapeurs de la Ville". A project to work on this autumn, once installed in my new home studio.
With changes in my personal circumstances, I had and still have conflictual thoughts around nostalgia and other philosophical thoughts on the passing of time, past and future. My first idea was called "Nostalgia War". I modified it for something more positive : Nouvelle Aube "New Dawn". An idea that I find too commonplace and not personal enough. I finally came back to my first idea, more or less, under the name : Inner Quests. A sort of compromise, actually.
I want to put my energy to explore and exorcize my inner conflicts. I want to share them because I know it could make sense for a lot of people.
Better than the word "struggle", I prefer the word "quest", quests like peace of mind, being free from nostalgia and melancholy.

For that, my music will travel from darkness to light, I'll try to move it to more favorable skies by focusing on uplifting the soul through the melodies, which will be at the heart of the music. I'll work my atmospheres to make them more captivating and uplifting. They will accompany my reflections, they will be like everybody's state of mind : sometimes cloudy, sometimes sunny.

My final goal is kind of a soundtrack of the mind, through a musical mix between rock, metal, atmospheres, with a touch of electro, indus and urban. I want to offer my listeners a moment to escape, out of time. I want music to be experienced as a moment of inner peace, triggering a great inspiration, a certain idea of freedom.

Well, let's try to create a worthly successor to "Dans les Vapeurs de la Ville" !

In order to make your live the experience of creating music, I'll go further with the concept I started with "Dans les Vapeurs..." : in addition to the Twitter timeline which I update daily, my creative sessions will be streamed live thanks to Youtuve live

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