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Dans les Vapeurs de la Vi(ll)e (In the Steam of the City) is a spiritual steam rock album.

Great epic atmospheres, electric guitars mixed with electronic sounds, the sonic landscapes are sometimes urban, sometimes industrial, sometimes wild.
This album features lyrics about our states of mind, exploring hope and fear with a nostalgic approach.
The fog of life, the steam of the city.

Recordings have taken place during a recording challenge from Dec 7th to Dec 22nd. The tracks have been produced during January, February and March 2018.

Tracklist & credits

1 - Eternel
2 - Ombre et Lumière
3 - Illumination
4 - Instant Céleste
5 - Brume
6 - Evanescent
7 - Dans les Vapeurs de la Ville
8 - In Aequilibrio

Samples : spoken words on track 2, bells on track 3 and choir on track 6 have been recorded "on the fly" in Monschau, Dec 16th 2017, in the street or in the church Aukirche Sankt Mariä Empfängnis
Album artwork based on a photography by Dávid Sterbik




Everytime you tell yourself
That it is the autumn of your life
Everything in your universe crumbles down
And you're afraid of lacking air

You're so attached to your world
But the scene has already changed
New leaves, new waves
And the curtain has risen

You dream of eternal things
In this world in perpetual motion
You dream of eternal things
Frozen in time in a watercolour painting

The links of the chain are so strong
You cling to it, as if it was your own body
What if life only hung by a thread ?
Everything changes in the blink of an eye

But this very moment when you are smiling
Seems to come from infinity
Moment frozen in existence
During which I can feel carefreeness

Darkness and Light

Inside us, a battle is raging
Two sides of the same coin, like night and day
A play of shadow and light
Sometimes love, sometimes anger


It appears to you in a flash
A small light at the end of the tunnel
But you have been through such a long night
Unwavering, soul-breaking
But two seconds were enough
To see the sun rising
Illuminating the land with a bright yellow light
Shedding light on all your fears


Fragile, you're so fragile dressed in light
Drops of water frozen in the atmosphere on a cool winter morning
On my ship at full speed through the fog of life
You hide the horizon from me without giving me a clue of what is yet to come

Fragile, you're so fragile wearing your winter coat
Ephemeral, a footprint in the snow which will soon disappear
Sweet illusion, you cover the world with the tears of the earth
Like a dream fading away in the morning, you will go away filled with mystery


It feels like an absence
Something fleeing in time
Making us drift away
From the present moment

I want to live fully
To take you by the hand to the fields
Watching the rain falling, with a smile
Forgetting the future for a while

Observing, this elusive and fleeting moment
Slipping away before our eyes
In silence, enjoying the place
With presence, watching the skies

In the Steam of the City

In your distant memories
You were walking down the street
You were the king of the world

You remember the city streets
Promenades bordered with trees
You were parading in their shadows

An unbreakable castle
And yet lost in the unknown
But not fearing any danger

An unfailing citadel
A vessel floating peacefully
Through the steam of the city

There was a man who everyday was making
his life a game, making the city his own place
With consuming ambition, he never had enough
He ended up being overtaken

You chained yourself
You thought life was eternal
Haunted by your ambitions

Fear has taken hold of you soul
Now you know that everything is changing
Cards are being dealt again

A castle made of sand
Which, when the tide is low
Suddenly crumbles down

A citadel standing the test of time
A rocking boat
In the steam of the city

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